Flores medical - multisonic - Inhalation mit Ultraschall


Clinical application

Patients undergoing major surgical interventions or surgical interventions of long duration and general anaesthesia need to be ventilated. Ventilation is also the procedure of choice when the patient lacks the ability to breathe spontaneously (apnoea) or shows insufficient breathing, e.g. in case of intoxications, circulatory arrest, neurological diseases, head injury, paralysis of the breathing muscles due to spinal cord lesion or action of drugs. Some lung diseases or thoracic injury as well as heart diseases, shock and sepsis also may require ventilating the patient.

Depending on the clinical situation, ventilation may be continued for a few minutes, but also for some months. While return of spontaneous breathing is rarely a problem in routine anaesthesia, weaning of ICU patients from long-term ventilation is a difficult process that might take days or even weeks.

Some patients with severe brain damage, spinal cord injury or neurological diseases fail to regain their ability to breathe spontaneously and require continuous mechanical ventilation in their home setting.

The Multisonic® InfraControl ultrasonic nebulizer is free from device-produced air streams that could affect connected ventilation devices. The nebulizer is tied into the system such that the drug aerosol is released only by the external air stream from the anaesthesia or ventilation unit and only during inspiration.

The Multisonic® InfraControl can be easily integrated with all customary anaesthesia and mechanical ventilation systems.

Please see the Operating Instructions for the several methods of integrating nebulizers into ventilation circuits. We will be glad to send you Declarations of Compatibility regarding the use of mechanical ventilators in combination with nebulizers upon your request.

Flores medical offers strong and reliable nebulizers for use in a ventilation circuit.

The methods of integrating the operations of a ventilation circuit and a nebulizer vary depending on the ventilator. Please see the Operating Instructions for further details.

According to section 10 (1) of the German Medical Devices Act, it is not allowed to operate a ventilator in combination with a compressed-air inhaler in a closed-loop ventilation system.

The compressed-air inhaler can affect the system in such a way as to bring incalculable risks for the patient.

We can present free in-house application instructions for the safe use of Flores medical Inhalation Devices at your facility. After completing this course you will receive a Certificate of Inhaler Competence that ensures your proficiency in handling the inhalation devices.