Flores medical - multisonic - Inhalation mit Ultraschall

Intensive care medicine/Anaesthesia


Patients treated in intensive care units acquire pulmonary hypertension from diverse causes. Persistent high or increased pulmonary artery pressure is often seen after heart transplantations or heart interventions, i.e. surgery involving heart-lung machines. Persistent or transient pulmonary hypertension following pulmonary thrombo-endarterectomie (PEA) may pose therapeutic problems. Depending on the degree of right-ventricular dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension is recognized as a cause of right-heart failure in the above mentioned cases. PEA carries a risk of haemoptysis and reperfusion oedema. Patients with chronic pulmonary hypertension (e.g. PAH) may also require intensive care because of progressive or acute right ventricular de-compensation.

Oxygenation impairment and pulmonary hypertension are seen in ARDS as well.

  • Increased release and/or activation of pro-inflammatory vasoconstrictive mediators
    (e.g. serotonin, thromboxane, endotheline, kinins, interleukins) and endothelial dysfunction after interventions with extracorporeal circulation and after ischemic reperfusion
  • Vasopressors (e.g. adrenaline, NA), certain anaesthetic agents (e.g. ketamine, thiopental, laughing gas)
  • Hypercapnia, acidosis, alveolar or arterial hypoxia
  • Thromboses and pulmonary embolisms (e.g. in sepsis and ARDS patients)
  • Mechanical compression caused by ventilation

according to Zwissler, Anaesthesist 2000;49:788-808

According to section 10 (1) of the German Medical Devices Act, it is not allowed to operate a ventilator in combination with a compressed-air inhaler in a closed-loop ventilation system.

The compressed-air inhaler can affect the system in such a way as to bring incalculable risks for the patient.

We can present free in-house application instructions for the safe use of Flores medical Inhalation Devices at your facility. After completing this course you will receive a Certificate of Inhaler Competence that ensures your proficiency in handling the inhalation devices.



Integration Bypassanschluss

Integration Bypassanschluss